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Peace & Justice



Gregory Brewer, National Coordinator

​Kelly McConnell, Outreach Coordinator

Los Angeles Peace Council

Chris Bovet, Treasurer

League of Young Communists USA

​Joseph Hancock

​Labor Today / El Trabajo Diario

Tracy Ford, Communications Director

Peoples' School for ML Studies

Nuri Ronaghy

Women for Racial & Economic Equality, Inc.

Alan Shorb, Recording Secretary

US Friends of the Soviet People (USFSP)

Angelo D'Angelo, PhD., General Secretary of

Party of Communists USA

Zackary Martyrs

Movement 4 Peoples' Democracy (Alabama)




  • To  unite all democratic minded, peace loving people in the USA into a national united front against fascism and war. 
  • To provide a peoples' response to state sponsored terrorism and violence in our communities.
  • To demand an agenda for social justice
  • To fight corruption 
  • To demand accountability and transparency from our elected representatives.
  • To bring corporate domination of our economy to an end.
  • To establish peoples' councils in every community with authority to enforce laws that protect the people from abuse of authority.

The Movement for People's Democracy was formed in 2016 in response to the growing threat to world peace, and the unrelenting attacks on our civil liberties, accompanied by a rise in racist attitudes, xenophobia, discrimination against women, a rise in rape and other forms of sexual abuse, and homophobia.  

These threats to our democratic way of life are best manifested in the recent escalation of NATO activities around the world.

The MPD is an anti-imperialist, democratic, independent, internationalist 

movement of mass action. It is an integral part of the pro-democracy forces in the USA and acts in cooperation with other national and international movements. Member organizations affiliated with MPD include Labor United in Class Struggle / Labor Today, U.S. Friends of the Soviet People, the California Peace Council, League of Young Communists USA, Party of Communists USA, People's School for Marxist-Leninist Studies, and others.   

We stand for peace, disarmament and global security; for national independence, economic and social justice and development, for protection of the environment, human rights, and cultural heritage; solidarity with and support of those peoples and liberation movements fighting for the independence, sovereignty, and integrity of their nations, and against imperialism. And we stand in strong defense of the U.S. Constitution and the right of the American people to protest and petition the Government for the redress of grievances.
The MPD initiates and cooperates in actions to eliminate nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and to reduce conventional arms. It also acts in particular for the dissolution of military blocks and pacts; the dismantling of all military bases and the withdrawal of foreign troops; for social and economic development, the establishment of a new international economic order, a just solution of the problem of foreign debt; for the recognition of every nation’s freedom of choice; for the establishment of a new international information and communication order; in support of the liberation movements; for the settlement of regional conflicts on the basis of respect for the rights of the peoples to self-determination.

In its activities and structures, the MPD pursues the goal of equal participation of men and women. 

The  MPD believes that the solution of global security problems is possible by enlarging the popular movement and raising the level of public awareness for the causes that generate war and misery, such as racism, sexism, homophobia, police and state violence, and corruption.

The mission of the MPD is to unite as many pro-democracy forces as possible in the United States to develop a united front against fascism, the greatest threat to peace, without exception to race, color, creed, religion, political affiliation, gender, or national origin.  The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) represents "the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital". Our mission as an organization of peace and democracy as its primary goal is to unite as many forces as possible against this threat and develop mass activities to alert the public to this great danger. This movement to defeat fascism needs the support of all of us!

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