Total U.S. nuclear weapons programs expenditures for 2016 = $57.6 billion!

Each April, Dr. Bob Dodge, PSR-LA Board Member and co-founder of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions, calculates the cost of nuclear weapons programs to our communities.

In 2016, Los Angeles County spent $1,770,992,000.00 on nuclear weapons programs, and the city of Los Angeles spent $703,777,949.00! These are tax dollars diverted from community needs such as education, health care, environmental protection, and many other important social services – spent instead on deadly weapons that must never be used. This cost will increase dramatically with the Trump Administration’s plan to rebuild the U.S. nuclear arsenal – to the tune of $1 trillion over the next 30 years!

Calculate your individual cost
Calculate your community’s cost

Below are costs for some US cities and counties. Use the community calculator to find out what your community spent on nuclear weapons programs in 2016, or contact us and we’ll crunch the numbers for you!

Boston, Massachusetts
Buffalo County, South Dakota (poorest U.S. County)
California State
Cleveland, Ohio 
Cupertino City, California
Florida State
Hendersonville City, North Carolina
Lane County Oregon 
Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles County, California
Madison, Wisconsin
Miami, Florida
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
New York City, New York

Palo Alto, California
Pennsylvania State 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Portland City, Oregon
Raleigh, North Carolina
San Jose, California 
Santa Barbara County, California

Santa Clara County, California
Seattle, Washington

Tampa, Florida
Ventura County, California 
Washington D.C.
Washington State
Wisconsin State


Physicians for Social Responsibility


Peace & Justice

​In 2016, the average cost of nuclear weapons development to every man, every woman, even every child in the United States, was $178.26. This is based on a national per capita average annual income of $28,930.00.

If your income is different from this, you can calculate your income modifier by dividing your income by the national average.
For example: your income $ / $28,930.00 = your modifier
Multiply this modifier by $178.26 to get your tax contribution to nuclear weapons programs this year.
Your modifier x $178.26 = Your Nuclear 

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