Peace & Justice

Movement for People’s Democracy: Texas Chapter

May 2, 2020

Minutes written by Marshal Homfeld


On-Time: Connor, Patrick, Marshal, Alice, Silviu, Abdel, Arles, Dion

Late: Angelo, Hayden

Reported Absences:

Meeting Notes:
Recording Starts at 8:35pm
MPD Mission and Purpose: Formed in 2016
Anti-imperialist movement
Fights against discrimination
Internationalist movement of mass-action
Leninist Transmission Belt
List Taken: Patrick, Silviu
Patrick: Question: If we go out and hand out MPD fliers, do we say if we are part of PCUSA in that moment?
Answer: You are wearing the “hat” solely of the MPD in that moment. Answer truthfully if asked directly if you are a communist.
Patrick volunteered to call Angelo.
Silviu: Statement: This is a useful organization ala DSA to help steer people in the right direction.
Announced new secretary: Marshal Connor asked if anyone opposed.
None opposed
Angelo invited Hayden from Utah to this caBranch Wide TaskPeace, Justice, Equality are the foundation for our goals.
Ideas for Tasks:
Connor: Counter-recruiting effort
List taken: Patrick, Silviu
Patrick: Question: Do we have pages for MPD Texas on Facebook, etc?
Answer: Facebook, yes. Twitter, no.
Connor: Marshal, would you be willing to run the MPD Texas Twitter?
Marshal agreed to post for the MPD: Texas Twitter.
Patrick: Do we have MPD social media for the main office?
Angelo: We had a national website for MPD.
Connor: We have a Facebook group and an Appalachian Facebook. They also did work on signs for a physical project.
Angelo has ideas.
MPD: Texas needs a financial leadership position.
We need more money for MPD
We want to get to a point where MPD is self-sufficient financially.
Connor suggests we should vote on a financial chair who is not doing anything else. Alice volunteers if no one else is willing.
Connor asks Abdel and Arles if they would be interested.
Abdel agrees to take on the responsibility No one opposes
Abdel is our new financial secretary. Angelo has a question:
We need an MPD in each district. Could Texas function as the MPD branch for the Midwestern district? DFW sub-branch discussion:
Connor asks how we should describe a sub-branch.
Angelo suggests “affiliate”.
List taken: Silviu, Hayden, Marshal
Hayden likes the idea of the Midwestern branch being hosted by Texas.
Silviu believes comrades of PCUSA in DFW should meet as MPD.
Good way to interact and increase membership by convincing non-communists of Leninist thought. Marshal is curious about what is needed to create an affiliate. He thinks using Texas as Midwestern district is alright so long as there is another club functioning as the Southern district “hub”.
Angelo answers affiliate question. We have 20 Bolshevik clubs. All each clubs has to do is assign 2 or 3 people to MPD in a specific geographical area. Each one of these clubs can be an affiliate. ◦ MPD itself is an affiliate organization. ◦ There is someone representing WREE, PSMLS, USFSP, etc.
Angelo: National organizations and local affiliates are on the board of MPD, so you can have the Texas MPD. You can have that. But you can also have a Texas MPD represented on the Southern District as called Southern District MPD. And what you’re saying is how they can work together. Down the road, you can have a Dallas or San Antonio MPD. But right now, it should stay as the Texas MPD. Connor: Thus any Texas city would be subservient to Texas MPD until they grow bigger. Round Robin and Good and Wellness:
Marshal: Cabin-fevery. Enjoyed the meeting. Asked for notes to be critiqued.
Patrick: Has no questions. Enjoyed meeting. Ready to get to work.
Alice: Thought it was a good meeting. She believes that MPD is important. The crisis makes action difficult. Silviu: No questions. Great meeting. Great idea and organization. Abdel: Nothing on goods and well-fair. Has questions. Can El-Paso have an affiliate group? Can we have a quick rundown of the MPD organization structure? Dion: Believes Connor is doing a great job as leadership. Angelo agrees.

MPD General Membership Meeting Minutes March 21, 2020

The MPD meeting March 21, 2020 convened at 8:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Attendance – Angelo, Joe, Chris, Michael, Nuri, Alan, Michael S., Greg, Lamont, Blake, Parker, Jose, Cameron, Jacob, Conner, Caleb, Ed, Ross, Samantha, Laura, Trian, Tommy, Nick, Fernando, Kelly, (apologies for anyone whose name was left out)

Michael – read the minutes from the previous meeting of January 25, 2020 and the minutes were approved as read.

Angelo – MPD money being sent to Ideological Fightback. Financial report is currently being held through PCUSA. Suggest another person take on the responsibility for handling the finances for MPD. Anytime a donation is made for MPD goes straight to Ideological Fightback’s account.

Michael – withdrew motion for reading of financial report.

Chris – recommended someone working to handle finances and can work with Chris.

Michael – fantastic idea

Nuri – suggested Alan and Chris work together.

Joe – a donation was made to MPD and was sent to Ideological Fightback.

Alan – supports Chris’s suggestion for treasury responsibility.

Chris – suggests someone being taught how to present a financial report and then can be read at future meetings.

Michael – seeking volunteers to take on treasury responsibilities.

Michael S. – Volunteered to take on the responsibility for handling the treasury report for MPD.​​


Movement Peoples Democracy (MPD) Meeting Minutes November 30, 2019

Meeting called to order at 8:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Members in attendance were, Joe, Angelo, Zack, Tracy, Laura, Victoria, James

Joe – Read the minutes from the previous meeting.

Angelo – No corrections

Joe – Motioned to have minutes approved and the minutes were approved. Next MPD meeting suggested after the holidays. First week in January after New Year’s Day preferable on a Saturday.

Angelo – When next meeting date.

Joe – Agenda for next meeting concentrate on forming various MPD Chapters. Went over website issues and board members who were present or absent from the meeting. No quorum to run a successful meeting.

Angelo – Program of MPD under a Non-Communist or a Non-Socialist name. Quoted Mao. Members apprehensive about getting out into the community. Zack excellent work with the Party and not in the community. Comrade Laura candidate suggestion run under MPD. Michigan, Missouri, New York, New Jersey. Comrade Nick from Washington interest in MPD. Where do we go from here? Current system is not working. Comments? Doing too much with too few. Need Cadre who are willing to devote time to the Party.

Tracy – Personal standpoint community basically the word Communist is a turn off. Working as a non-communist working with group to address issues.

Angelo – Use MPD as a vehicle

MPD Meeting Minutes June 26, 2019

Members in attendance - Joe, Angelo, Amy, Chris, Tracy, Cristian, Michael, Kelly, David, Greg

Meeting called to order at 8:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Greg – read minutes from previous meeting (May 18, 2019)

Joe – Specific assignments were mentioned.

Angelo – converted savings to checking account for MPD.

Joe – PayPal account was established for MPD. New account cannot be established until existing account closed.

Angelo – requesting additional suggestions concerning MPD account.

Greg – offered a beneficial suggestion concerning closing and opening a new MPD account.

Joe – gave specifics on what has been done attempting to close PayPal account. Cancel recurring donations if through PayPal.

Angelo – MPD had a credit union account that was closed due to problems with account. Additional information on how to close and open a new account to be discussed outside of meeting.

Joe – need to discuss where to have MPD chapters. What each chapter needs to be established in the way of supplies, etc. MPD logo banners, tables, newsletters, etc. Costs?

Joe – updated MPD website. 3 statements were sent concerning “No War with Iran.” Coalition being built for a big demonstration in the fall. Call Wednesday July 3, 2019 7:00 PM (Eastern Time). UNAC Coordinating Committee. Email to be sent concerning information concerning upcoming call and any additional information. Represent whatever organization affiliated with.

Angelo – indicated there is a PCUSA Veterans Commission.

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